KBN is a New York/London based Architectural and Engineering practice dedicated to thoughtful design solutions that seek our client’s expectations, while striking a balance with project constraints.

We are committed to a dynamic and proactive process finetuned to each client, qualifying us to explore the opportunities, limitations and prospects of design options to deliver unique projects.

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Who we are

The practice works collaboratively with a variety of clients in both the private and public sectors. The approach to the discipline is devoted to a coordinated process for a delivery of multiple scopes that accommodate a varying degree of complexity and budgetary constraints.

The Professionalism of the team creates room for establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients and industry peers. While the practice ethos is devoted to a constant development of spatial components and their buildability, the focus remains the dedication on exploring construction outcomes.

The process that every design undertakes confronts with a multifaceted experience where the complementarity of the team strives to translate it into a seamless informative journey.

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