302 Lewis Avenue 
—Brooklyn, US


Townhouse Remodeling

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A responsible intervention honors the history of a place. The approach to the remodeling of this Brooklyn Townhouse can be described as an orchestrated 3 - way effort , a talented contractor, a professional design team, and the Owner, with a strong vision to pursue.

KBN walked into the project understanding the critical components to be implemented, as well as the constraints that the project would carry from the outset . The Project has been designed to work hand by hand with the existing conditions, respecting and enhancing historical details through the juxtaposition of new features that despite the “ modern ” feeling tries to establish a seamless connection, thanks to the employment of accurately selected materials, paints, and accents throughout. 
The same project will undergo phase 2, implementing a direct access to the backyard from the Parlor level, house of the vibrant core of the House, to enjoy the calmness and the surrounding urban landscape of the neighborhood. 

KBN has been responsible of curating the design aspect of the Project from it’s inception to execution, as well as being responsible for seeking and maintaining compliance with the Statutory Authorities having Jurisdiction, obtaining, managing and closing - off permits and re lated applications.